Eco- Commitment

In developing our dream we have created a business dedicated to the conservation of the natural environment that is transparently ecologically responsible. Before launching the project, a comprehensive environmental impact assessment was conducted and approved by the Ministry of Environment. Arriving at Mbuna Bay you will find yourself surrounded by bush land – just as authentic as it has been for ages. Don’t expect neatly arranged flower beds or trees and bushes trimmed into perfect shapes. Here, only the seasons change the appearance of the landscape. When it rains, everything comes to life: the bush turns green, all kinds of flowers blossom and the grass grows two meters high. Soon after the rain stops, nature turns into the opposite with all the land drying out for months.

Construction Materials

All of our buildings are up to 99 percent built from natural local materials:

The wooden beach chalets were mainly constructed from timber purchased from local wood cutters, who get their licences from the District Agricultural Direction in order to avoid uncontrolled felling of trees. For the bush bungalows, local brick makers produced over 30,000 bricks from clay. For the joints we used a bit of cement. The cobhouses, our latest achievements, were a bit of a challenge. The massive walls are made entirely from mud and straw and whitened with lime. Grass that we buy from villagers is covering the roofs and all the furniture has been handcrafted by our carpenters. Decorative items are the product of different local handicraft talents.

Energy Production

Our large solar system is generating enough energy to provide all guest houses with light and enough electricity to recharge mobile phones or operate your razor. We also run two refrigerators, a freezer and various kitchen machinery on the system, as well as our own satellite internet.

All houses are connected to solar water heaters providing hot showers at any time of day or night.


Organic Farming

The ingredients for our eco-friendly meals are according to the season predominantly from our own organic gardens and their surrounds. We also buy from our local people; because we give them advice about their gardens, we know that they, like ourselves, are not using any chemical products for the cultivation of vegetables, grains, roots and fruit. Some of the produce you will taste at the lodge you would never or rarely find in a supermarket. Apart from a big nursery and a big garden full of vegetables, lettuce and herbs, we started to plant an assortment of fruit and nut trees and pineapple plants three years ago, which grow near the already-existing abundance of  papaya, banana and mango trees.

Waste management

All of the guesthouses are equipped with ecologically sound septic tanks – so no waste water spills into the lake. As for other waste, we strictly recycle organic waste to garden compost and dispose of non-recyclable material through the official district waste management channels.