Hikes and Excursions

Our friendly and knowledgeable local guides will take you on fascinating walks along the lake or into the surrounding hilly bush land. Having been brought up at the lake they will tell you the names and habits of the vast range of birds you will encounter, explain to you the medicinal properties of trees and other plants, and perhaps after some time will share with you the secrets and ancient stories of the village and the witchcraft which is still present in the daily life of the lake people.

At any time you can also explore the area by yourself. Follow the old slave trail along the lake, stroll through peaceful villages and happily accept the invitation to enter one of the local houses.

A longer hike takes you to the top of Mt.Chifuli, the big mountain that makes the backdrop to the Lago District capital, Metangula. After obtaining the permission of the local Chief and participating in a ceremony to pacify the mountain spirits, you head straight up on small trails to reach the summit after 1.5 hours – exhausted but with a rewarding view into all four directions. This hike is ideally combined with a visit to the Metangula market and the lovely local history museum set up by Ariana Fogelman, a bold and compassionate American student.