Lake Activities

You’ve come all the way to Lago Niassa and deserve to enjoy its warm, crystal clear water in your own way. You may want to stroll down to the beach on a peaceful early morning and go for a quiet swim as nature is waking up with the first whispers of little bush birds or the cry of the majestic fish eagle nesting high up on a tree.

The morning hours are also a good time for snorkeling and observing the abundance of cichlids (aquarium fish) between the rocks a few steps from the beach.

For the exploration of the broader lake area, Mbuna Bay offers an individual kayak, a large Canadian canoe, several local dugout canoes and a big traditional dhow “Martha”, that will sail you further south to the most remote parts of the lake or to the world famous “N’nosi Reef” (Minos Reef). According to aquarianists this is “the most beautiful spot in the whole lake.”

The more athletic types can venture out on the lake on a windy day to enjoy the waves with our wind surfer, surf board or body boards.