Lunch and Dinner

Mbuna Bay is entirely vegetarian. It is no surprise that our meals are what our guests comment on in nearly every review:

  • A miraculous cook that gave us a crash course in vegetarian revelry! (Ulrike and Hulges)
  • A comida é espléndida. (Noemia)
  • I love this food and especially the desserts. (Carolina)
  • The food was great, healthy and delicious. (Jared and Catharina)
  • …and the food – yeah, extremely delicious! (Ferdinand and Katharina)
  • Food was fabulous! (Jonno)

Satisfying your palate is an important part of your stay with us and we delight in exposing you to new taste sensations. Our vegetarian menus are designed daily to celebrate the seasonal produce grown in the Lodge’s own kitchen gardens and farm and by many dedicated local village producers. Our chefs can be found in the gardens mornings and afternoons gathering the harvest for another exquisite creation. The Lodge owners, being well-travelled people, have introduced their kitchen staff to the preparation of Mozambican, Swiss, Italian, Sri Lankan and Middle Eastern cuisine.

At Mbuna Bay, using locally sourced produce is not just part of a trend but a commitment – both in philosophy and practice - to ethical food creation, enjoyment and sustainability. To round off your meal, the Lodge offers a fine selection of quality wines, liqueurs and spirits. Or enjoy a cool drink at the Sundowner Lounge on top of the main building whilst admiring a panoramic view over the lake, the surrounding mountains and the nearby village.