Why Vegetarian

“This place might make me become a vegetarian” (Björn)

We chose to become vegetarians many years ago. First, because we believe that embracing a vegetarian lifestyle is the kindest, most compassionate step an individual can take to reduce animal suffering and environmental destruction. Second, scientific evidence shows that a vegetarian diet is probably the healthiest diet a person can follow.

Being vegetarians is a source of pride and personal satisfaction to us. Through changing our lifestyle, we found well-being, balance, happiness, and harmony with nature, with all creatures and above all with ourselves. And on top of this we are proud to share this lifestyle with some of the brightest and most influential minds in human history like Albert Einstein, Mahathma Gandhi, Albert Schweitzer, Charles Darwin, Isaak Newton, Leo Tolstoy, Leonardo da Vinci -  not to mention Plato, Socrates and Diogenes.

We always enjoy the smiles and the praise from our departing guests who may have arrived with a hint of suspicion in the back of their minds, but leave with the satisfaction of having experienced something new which broadened their horizon and opened their mind for “things slightly different”.

Maya, Jonathan and Ueli Litscher