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Given the remoteness of our lodge, Mbuna Bay is probably the best place to escape, lean back and relax. However, the being situated right on the shores of Lake Malawi there are plenty of exciting and adventurous activities to do, right from the lodge.

Lake Activities

Swim in the lakes crystal clear sweet water, snorkel and explore an abundance of colorful cichlids (aquarium fish) between the rocks.


For the exploration of the broader lake area, Mbuna Bay offers an individual kayak, a large Canadian canoe, several local dugout canoes and a big traditional dhow “Martha”, that will sail you further south to the most remote parts of the lake or to the world famous “N’nosi Reef” (Minos Reef). According to aquarianists this is “the most beautiful spot in the whole lake.”


The more athletic types can venture out on the lake on a windy day to enjoy the waves with our wind surfer, surf board or body boards.

Excursions & Other Fun   Activities

Our friendly and knowledgeable local guides will take you on fascinating walks along the lake or into the surrounding hilly bush land. 


At any time you can also explore the area by yourself. Follow the old slave trail along the lake, stroll through peaceful villages and happily accept the invitation to enter one of the local houses.


A longer hike takes you to the top of Mt.Chifuli, the big mountain that makes the backdrop to the Lago District capital, Metangula. After obtaining the permission of the local Chief and participating in a ceremony to pacify the mountain spirits, you head straight up on small trails to reach the summit after 1.5 hours – exhausted but with a rewarding view into all four directions. 

Mbuna Bay is also an ideal place for jogging – along the lake or over the hills. Other activities include Beach Volleyball, Pétanque and other games as well as toys for children.


Life is busy – this is your chance to slow down and catch up with yourself.


Hang out in the hammock on your veranda or install yourself on a deck chair under the beach roof and just do nothing. Or read a book – when did you last time read a book? Explore our large library and choose from over 300 books available in all genres, ranging from African history to crime thrillers. Whatever you desire, we have something for you.


For your morning practice we have a beautiful Yoga platform on a little peninsula where all you will hear is the wind in the trees and the gentle murmur of the waves.

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