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To get in touch with us for bookings or general information, please see our email address below or write to us using the following contact form. We are excited to hear from you!

Mbuna Bay


District Lago Niassa


+258 87 394 91 32

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Accommodation Rates

Cob House (Imbondeiro):

Double occupancy 210 USD pppd (per person per day)

Single occupancy 260 USD pppd


Cob House (Casa Branca):

Double occupancy 170 USD pppd

Single occupancy 210 USD pppd


Beach Chalet:

Double occupancy 150 USD pppd

Single occupancy 190 USD pppd


Bush Bungalow:

Double occupancy 120 USD pppd

Single occupancy 150 USD pppd


Children up to 10:

in parents' room free

With extra bed 20% of adult rate


Prices include all meals, early morning tea, taxes and non-motorized activities


Transfers by car:

Lichinga Airport – Mbuna Bay 130 USD one way

Metangula Port – Mbuna Bay 25 USD one way

Getting There

Mbuna Bay is located on the Mozambican side of Lake Malawi (Lago Niassa), only 20km south of the Lago District capital Metangula. There is only a dirt road for the last 15km, but nevertheless the Lodge is accessible by normal vehicles year round. The area lies within the mcel and Vodacom mobile networks.


There are several airlines flying to Maputo – usually with one stop on the way. From Maputo there is an early morning flight to Lichinga by LAM, the national Mozambican airline, 4 times a week with a 20 minute stop-over at Nampula.

Click below to see our location on Google Maps:


A Route for the more adventurous traveler:

From Maputo take the inland flight only up to Nampula – visit Ilha de Moçambique – take a fantastic train ride from Nampula to Cuamba – continue to Lichinga by public transport – continue with us to Mbuna Bay.

From Lichinga to Mbuna Bay:

We’ll be happy to pick you up at Lichinga airport. From the provincial capital we travel 1½ hours on a paved road, passing through several villages on the Niassa High Plateau before the road descends almost 1000m through wild bush land to the lake below. The view of the far-reaching plains of Niassa, the lake and the Malawian shore on the other side are spectacular. Arriving at the bottom of the last slope at the village of Chipili, there is a signboard “Mbuna Bay” and a turn-off to the left onto a bumpy, dirt road which leads through forests and across several hills. After 15km (40 minutes), you reach the village of Nkholongue and Mbuna Bay located directly on the shore of the lake.

Across the lake:

The vessel 'Chambo' primarily serves the eastern, Mozambican shore of Lake Malawi, but also includes legs between Nkhata Bay – Likoma Island and Metangula on the Northern Route and Chipoka – Senga Bay - Metangula on the Southern Route. Chambo is a lightweight boat carrying up to 80 passengers and up to 10 tons of cargo. Enquire with us for the latest schedules.

Fully serviced and with brand new motors the famous “Ilala” is back on the lake – unfortunately not coming all the way to Mozambique anymore. Travellers who want to go for the adventure anyhow can take the boat from Malawi (Nkatha Bay) to Likoma Island and continue from there by “Chambo” or from nearby Cobué by public transport to Metangula.

Routes across the lake by boat vary by season. Please contact us at so we can provide you with up to date information for your travel across the lake.

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