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We take pride in our organic farm in which we produce the vast majority of the the ingredients used for the preparation of our vegetarian meals. Some of the produce you will taste at the lodge you would never or rarely find in a supermarket. Apart from our nursery and our gardens full of vegetables, lettuce and herbs, we also grow an assortment of fruit and nut trees and pineapple plants, which grow near the already-existing abundance of  papaya, banana and mango trees.

Satisfying your palate is an important part of your stay with us and we delight in exposing you to new taste sensations. Similar to our commitment to the environment, we strive to live a healthy life ourselves. We also deeply care for animals and their well-being. It is because of this that we are excited to be serving our customers fresh, delicious vegetarian meals, Our menus are designed daily to celebrate the seasonal produce grown in our organic gardens. Our chefs can be found in the gardens mornings and afternoons gathering the harvest for another exquisite creation. We even have a wood brick oven from which we make our home-made pizzas, which guests can themselves load up with ingredients from the garden. It is no surprise that our meals are what our guests comment on in nearly every review:

"A miraculous cook who gave us a crash course in vegetarian revelry!" (Ulrike and Hulges)


"A food rich, varied, original and delicious, often composed with products from their own garden." (Sophie)

"About the food, it is a vegetarian lodge and I really loved it (even if I'm not vegeterian!) It was hard to not eat too much since the food was so good and always different at every meal. And there is dessert at lunch and diner!"(Leduccaro)

"Where else in the bush you get home made ice cream? :-)" (Simon)

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