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Arriving at Mbuna Bay you will find yourself surrounded by bush land – just as authentic as it has been for ages. Don’t expect neatly arranged flower beds or trees and bushes trimmed into perfect shapes. Here, only the seasons change the appearance of the landscape. When it rains, everything comes to life: the bush turns green, all kinds of flowers blossom and the grass grows two meters high. Soon after the rain stops, nature turns into the opposite with all the land drying out for months.

Mbuna Bay is a true Eco Lodge observing high standards for sustainable tourism in Mozambique and has been recognized for its environmental practice and social responsibility. The lodge is fully solar powered including solar-based water heaters which provide warm water to all chalets.

In developing our dream we have created a business dedicated to the conservation of the natural environment that is transparently ecologically responsible. Before launching the project, a comprehensive environmental impact assessment was conducted and approved by the Ministry of Environment.

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